Lizi Lizard Repellent (2x200ml)


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LIZI is a lizard repellant formulated through a combination of synthetic chemical and other solvents. There is no need to worry about foul smell, oily stain or discoloration to the sprayed area as LIZI is odourless, colourless, greaseless, environmental friendly and safe for indoor use.

LIZI creates irritation and toxicity symptoms to both lizards and insects to prevent them from returning to their hiding place. Lizards and insects normally run away before the toxic level becomes fatal to them. Lizard does not hide in places where there are no insects, their main source of food. No insect no lizard. LIZI forms a residue on the sprayed areas and continue to be effective as a repellent for 2-4 weeks after each application.
Sprayed areas should not be wiped as the repellent will stay effective for several weeks. Always leave the residue and re-spray the area again when required to keep the area Lizard free.

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Spray LIZI into areas where lizards hide or where they normally appear. They are a very smart creature. When they realize their hide-out has irritating smell, they will retreat and will only take risk when there are insects to eat. LIZI can kill the lizards when sprayed directly on them. They will drop and freeze for a while before crawling away to die. LIZI will dry up the lizard. To prevent lizards from crawling into the house, spray LIZI on the edge of window grilles and openings regularly. The repellent will deter them from advancing into the premises.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray on or near food and fish tank or on cats.
Wash hands before handling food and drink.
When contact with skin, wash with soap and water.
Store in a warm dry place

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