CONTACK-D35 is for application directly on the skin. Never spray CONTACK-D35 on your face. Although not believed to be toxic if ingested, you should still keep away from food and food preparation areas. Studies have shown IR 3535 to be an effective repellent against a variety of insect including mosquito, tick, etc.
In the EU, the repellent is now one of the effective synthetic insect repellents to be included in the positive list and for which no age restrictions apply, meaning it can be used in good conscience for children.

Spray directly over your arms and rub over with your palm. Spray some on your palm and rub over your neck and other exposed skin. Safe for adults and children.
In an unlikely case of prolong skin irritation, wash away with water.

Keep away from the reach of young children.
Do not spray near mouth, eyes and food.



CONTACK-D35 is a clean, odourless and environmentally friendly insect repellent spray for application on arms and open skin area. It is a simple defense against biting and disease carrying insects. The active ingredient is a synthetic amino acid (chemical name is IR 3535 (aka Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate or EBAAP). It is practically harmless to human and animals. Approved and classified as a bio-pesticide by US EPA, this repellent is also recommended by the CDC and WHO as safe to use for protection against attack by disease carrying insects. The active chemical has a repellent strength lasting up to 8 hours with each treatment. It works by interfering with the insects breathing system.

The effectiveness of IR 3535 as an insect repellent has been confirmed many times over the years with excellent safety record for adult, children, animals and the environment at the same time. According to the US EPA, the health risks of using this synthetic chemical are minimal to nonexistent. There has never been any serious health issue recorded since the chemical was introduced for application on open skin for the past 20 years in Europe and Asia.