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Benje Marketing Pte Ltd was established in 2010 as a distributor for an overseas chemical manufacturer, mainly chemicals for production of water based odorless insecticide, pesticides and insect repellent for home use and pest control companies.
Soon we realized that Singapore market's demand for better quality insecticide growing rapidly. With homeowners need for clean and safe products to match healthy living standard, we began looking at manufacturing such products locally, not just for home use but also for industries and personal needs. Blessed with co-operation from our principal, we started to manufacture and distribute ANT BAN. Regular customer support for this first product had given us confidence. We then began to evaluate other clean insecticide, pesticide and repellent that we can do for Singapore consumers. This is the beginning of "CONTACK", an odorless, colorless, greaseless and environmental friendly product. Many new products branded under "CONTACK" such as CONTACK-X, CONTACK-II, CONTACK+PLUS, CONTACK-AUTO follow.

In September 2014, we launched A 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (CONTACK-T3) that has natural power to heal skin infections from acne, pimples, itchy scalp to insect bites. This essential oil has become a top seller overnight on Qoo10 website. It gives us the confident to add a long list of other essential oil under CONTACK and YAN brand. We also formulated a hair conditioner for control of premature hair loss and to fight dandruff. Many of our products are available from shops, supermarket and associations and Qoo10 website sales. We will soon market a list of essential oil that is fully soluble in water. You can DIY for your home use as disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, oil and odor neutralizer, bath, laundry wash, etc. We all know water and oil do not mix, but our H2Oil can do the job. Just watch the oil disappear and color change.

Below is an update of our products

  • ANT BAN (Odourless and greaseless home insecticide)
  • CONTACK-II (Permethrin Concentrate for army uniform treatment and outbound travelers)
  • CONTACK-X (Economical Size - Outdoor Insect Repellent)
  • CONTACK (Handy Size - Outdoor Insect Repellent)
  • LIZI (Lizard Killer and Repellent)
  • CONTACK-PLUS (Permethrin Fogging and Knapsack Mist Spray Premix)
  • KAESONG KORYO GINSENG WINE (A rare herbal wine from North Korea)
  • AUSTRALIAN Tea Tree Oil (an organic oil to clean and heal skin infections)
  • CHANGBAISHAN Pine Tree Oil (a therapeutic oil for every home)
  • AUSTRIAN PINE NEEDLE OIL (A therapeutic oil for every home)
  • PURE LEMONGRASS OIL (For aromatherapy and Natural Mosquito Repellent)
  • LAVENDER OIL (A natural essential oil for mother and children)
  • EUCALYPTUS OIL (A natural essential oil for mother and children)
  • PEPPERMINT OIL(A natural essential oil for lung infections)
  • CITRONELLA OIL (A natural mosquito repellent and diffuser oil)
  • CONTACK-C Hair Conditioner (Stop hair Loss and fight dandruff)
  • ORGANIC FERTILIZER (For crops, vegetables and fruit trees)
  • ORGANIC ANIMAL FEEDS (For poultry, ostrich, pig, cow and goat)

The products are available at some retailer stores, camping stores, fishing equipment stores, DIY Store, SAF E-marts and supermarkets in major shopping malls and around many parts of Singapore.

Some products can be bought online at Qoo!0 and from our website using PayPal. Another online store will come on stream soon. We will continue to look for other outlets and create awareness of our products.

Our products are also available for private labeling. We already have contracts to manufacture several items for overseas customers. We are also negotiating with two groups to act as their representative for essential oil.

Our mission is to offer consumers quality products for clean and healthy living environment at very affordable prices. We offer consumers a choice if they dislike and are fearful of smelly, greasy and unsafe insecticides and repellents around their home. We will continue to ensure that our products are safe and environmental friendly for home and personal use.

We will continue to develop new products and expand this service beyond Singapore, attracting more local and overseas customers to try our products. We do not compete but provide customers an alternative.

For any of the above product, please go to home page and check out the details or email to us at benjemarketing@hotmail.com.