Ant Ban (2x300ml) Insecticide New Zealand




ANT BAN is not just for ants
ANT BAN is a clean aerosol designed and created in New Zealand and specially formulated to control ants, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. It is odorless, colorless, greaseless, environmentally friendly and safe for home use.

ANT BAN has the power to kill and repel most insects
ANT BAN can kill and protect against invasion from ants and other insects with one simple spray on areas where they frequently appear such as the kitchen, pantry, dining areas, sofa, mattress, beds, etc. ANT BAN is so powerful that it can paralyze and knock out ants and other insects without having to spray directly on them. Please watch our videos 3-4 below.


Currently, this product is available for Singapore market only.


ANT BAN creates toxicity symptoms and attacks the insect’s nervous system triggering a spasm, followed by paralysis and death. The repellent is extremely fatal to them even through inhalation. As such, the insects will retreat as soon as they realize the repellent is attacking their neurological system.

ANT BAN is different from other insecticide and repellent
ANT BAN does not leave behind foul smell or messy stain even when sprayed on curtains, carpets, wardrobes with clothes, kitchen cabinets, tables, sofa, beds, mattresses, inside your vehicles, etc. It is probably the only all purpose insecticide you can spray on open skin and clothes without fear of smell, oily stain and toxic.

ANT BAN is safe for use in homes, offices, etc
ANT BAN is formulated based on a combination of environmental friendly hydrocarbons, solvents, emulsifiers with one active ingredient Permethrin. The amount of chemicals used is capped at safe level for human and animal, yet powerful enough to kill and repel insects. After each application, just leave the residue for continuous protection for the next 4-6 weeks.

ANT BAN and other insecticides
ANT BAN is not a competitor to other brands. ANT BAN offers a choice for consumers who want clean space and healthy living. ANT BAN offers a choice for consumers who are fearful of smelly, greasy and unsafe chemicals