Champaka Oil


Champaka essential oil has this irresistible, seductive and beautiful sweet floral fragrance.
Champaka essential oil is extracted from the flowers, fruits, and leaves of Magnolia champaka.
It is widely used in perfumes, making it highly valuable.

Content: 10 ml


The plant carries high medicinal value. It can treat several ailments such as wounds, skin diseases, rheumatism and bronchitis. The plant also possesses numerous pharmacological properties. Some of these properties include Antioxidant, Insecticidal, Antimicrobial, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Antidepressant and Astringent,

Champaka essential oil blends best with Jasmine Oil, Ylang Ylang and Citrus oil (such as Bergamot, Lemon and Lime oil).

There are many other uses which include:

Aromatherapy: Use it in a diffuser, inhaler or aroma lamp to inhale its vapors.

Skin: As an antiseptic. It can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, improve skin texture and treat skin rashes.

Bath: Add a couple of drops of Champaka oil to your warm bath water.

Massage: Mix it with a carrier oil and use a little of the mixture to massage thoroughly.

Mist spray: Add a couple of drops to your mist spray.

Perfumes: Add the oil by drops to your perfume and blend till you achieve the desired fragrance.