Lemon Oil


Lemon Oil extracted from lemon peels has the aroma of a freshly squeezed lemon juice that can create a wonderful feeling. Soothing, calming and energizing, its citric acid is a natural and safe skin cleansing agent that help lighten your skin from pimple, acne and acne scar. The concentrated limonene from the peels can fight hyper-pigmentation, tone the skin and dissolve dead skin cells and remove excess oil that clog pores and cause blackheads.

Content: 30 ml


Lemon essential oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, astringent, analgesic, antibacterial, stimulant and antiseptic properties that helps to boost immune system and has the ability to fight respiratory conditions.


Other usage includes aromatherapy, massage and home cleansing to purify the air, natural disinfectant for surfaces. Use in aromatherapy and massage to relieve fatigue and reduce appearance of cellulites. Use as air-freshener and in diffuser machines to eliminate foul air.