Bergamot Oil


Bergamot Oil has a sweet citrus fragrance and use as an antiseptic to treat acne and pimple, fight cold and flu, relieve muscle pain and soothe itching scalp. It is one of the best oil to relieve stress.
Known to build confidence and enhance your mood, bergamot oil is one of the best essential oils for depression. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bergamot is used to help with the flow of vital energy so the digestive system can work properly, and it’s also used to prevent the growth of bacteria, relieve muscle pain and boost the health of your skin.

Content: 30 ml


Using bergamot oil with other essential oils
Many other essential oils can provide similar benefits. Try to experiment with your favourite oil. Mix them with each other. A good mix with Bergamot oil include Lavender oil (A popular oil for aromatherapy and other skin care and acne product).
You can also mix Bergamot with Tea Tree oil (an essential oil that has antibacterial properties to protect and heal acne, pimple and other skin problem and soothe skin inflammation)