Butterfly Pea


Butterfly Pea Oil has a strong sweet fragrance that is calming, relaxing, comforting and soothing. It is rich in natural antioxidants and flavonoids. These compounds are the very reason Butterfly Pea Oil has been extensively used in many hair care and skin care products. Flavonoids strengthen and stimulate hair growth, prevent hair thinning, splitting, falling and slow down premature grey hair. The antioxidants and other metabolites help to protect the skin from free radicals to maintain a vibrant and youthful complexion. It is also a popular fragrant enhancer and an essential oil that can blend well with hair conditioner, shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel and other personal care product.

Butterfly Pea oil is extracted from the flower of Butterfly Pea plant (aka Blue Pea and Purple Pea). It possess a wide range of pharmacological activities including antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, diuretic, local anesthetic, anti-diabetic, insecticidal, blood platelet aggregation-inhibiting and for use as a vascular smooth muscle relaxing properties.

Butterfly Pea oil is one of the aromatherapy oil popularly used in massage, as a natural air freshener and as a diffuser oil.


For Hair and Body Care
Add 2-3 ml of Butterfly Pea Oil to 100 ml of Hair Shampoo, Conditional, liquid soap, shower gel, moisturizer or sun-block lotion. Mix them well before applying on hair and body.
When apply shampoo and conditional blend with Butterfly Pea oil, always allow adequate time (3-5 minutes) for the nutrients to penetrate deep into the scalp and hair follicles.

For Massage
Add 3-5 ml of Butterfly Pea Oil to 100 ml of carrier oil like Olive oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grape seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and other preferred massage oil.

For other use
Butterfly Pea oil can be applied direct on the skin and scalp or dilute with other essential oil.

Keep in a cool dry place.
Keep out of the reach of children.
For external use only.